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Chris’s Corner – Book to Movie Adaptations. The Good, The Bad, and The Absolutely Disgusting.

My name is Chris Buley and on my blog posts we will be looking at Book to Movie Adaptations and how they hold up against their paper origins. Some of the topics I will be looking at in regards to these adaptations will be – How true are they to the source material? What important parts were added/removed in these movies? Do the actors fit the characters well? After I judge these topics, among some others that may vary from movie to movie, a movie will be assigned to one of three categories. ‘The Good’ for those movies that were faithful to the books and were done very well. ‘The Bad’ for those who, even though they were faithful to the book were just done poorly. And finally, ‘The Absolutely Disgusting’ for those book to movie adaptations that are an adaptation in name only. Also, remember that these are my opinions on the subject, if I tear apart an adaptation that you loved, well, I have absolutely no regrets and will feel no guilt.

I am an avid reader and have seen quite a few of my favorite books turned into movies. Unfortunately I cannot say that all of these would fit into ‘The Good’ category, I’d honestly say a large number of them would probably end up in ‘The Absolutely Disgusting’ category. I trust that many adaptations will end up as casualties in the posting of these blogs, and I perhaps may feel some pleasure in the tearing apart of some of the adaptations that will feature on my section of the blog. Now, with my section introduction complete, I’d say that it is about time to judge some movies.


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