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A Look Back at the Classics

A classic movie, a timeless piece that can be seen over and over and never seem to get old. Movies that truly captivate us and bring us together. “You haven’t seen this movie yet?! Oh you must see it!” A thrilling mystery, a romantic tale, or just a film that makes you feel good inside. The films that have been gilded as classics set a gold standard for movies to live up to. But how many of the acclaimed masterpieces withstand the test of time, keeping their luster as the years march along?

My name is Matthew Sampson and throughout the course of this blog I plan on looking at a variety of movies that many have dubbed classics. I never really concerned myself with “older” movies when I was younger, thinking that because they didn’t look as nice or because they didn’t have as many effects that they wouldn’t be as good. And growing up I constantly had family and friends of family telling me I must watch this old movie and that old film, that they were much better than the crap that Hollywood was putting out today. As I got older though I came to appreciate some of these movies more, saw that they told an amazing story or had that one classic moment that people would always be quoting. Even today there are a great many classic films that I have not yet sen, but I figured that now is as good a time as any to catch myself up! I want to see how many of these films have stayed upon their pedestal and which ones were seen through rose-tinted glasses. Also, if a classic movie has been remade I would like to compare the new and the old, seeing which one told the story better.


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