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She made me watch it.

Hi, I’m James Hoggatt and I will be writing reviews about chick flicks from the uninformed, annoyed, and often cynical view of someone that would rather be skate boarding or playing gta. Anyway, if I’m going to be watching these chick flicks all the time then I might as well make something useful out of it. I will be giving guys a road map to keep their  ladies movie selection at a happy medium, between intolerable romance and only slightly tolerable romcom. I’ll include an assessment of the amount of debt your lady is in for and I’ll steer you away from the really awful ones. Look forward to dozens of insightless opinions and cryptic garble.

For the duration of this experiment my romantic other, Shelbie, will be picking the worst of the worst for me to endure. Not that this is anything new, just put to use now. And I have the unfortunate task of playing the helpless observer watching as every rule of good cinema is desecrated. Who knows though, maybe we will stumble upon a couple good ones, but for now I’ll be keeping my money on not.


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