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Hero or Zero

When I was 7 I could name precisely four superheroes – Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and Elle Woods from the hit movie Legally Blonde (2001). As I’ve grown older my knowledge of the genre has developed significantly, and now I know much more about comic book characters than I’m ever willing to admit publicly (though it did once win me a high stakes game of Trivial Pursuit + countless sporcle quizzes).

My name is Holly Feemster and my blog posts will be centered around Super Hero films – the hits, the misses, and everything in between. I’ll be taking a look at how the genre has developed over the decades and where it is likely to go in the coming years, as well as the ever present rivalry between DC and Marvel. I’ll also be challenging the very idea of what makes a superhero, and looking at films that could potentially be classified as “super hero movies” while not necessarily including caped crusaders or men who run around in colorful spandex. Additionally I’ll commentate on how well these films tend to stick to their source material and whether or not it helped or hurt the film in any given situation.

In general I consider myself pretty unbiased when it comes to these types of films, and I tend to find something to love and something to hate in each and every one of them. I do have my preferences here and there, and I’m excited to start taking a look back at some of my favorites. Hopefully you can find as much joy in them as I do. (Except for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. When a perfectly choreographed Vanilla Ice dance number can’t even save your film, you know its bad.)


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