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A Look Back at the Classics – The Godfather Part II

And we’re back for round 2 (of the Godfather that is)! I really enjoyed watching the first Godfather movie, so I decided I may as well watch Part 2, which I had heard was just as good as the original. So I sat down for three and a half hours and by the end I said “Huh, okay.” Now this movie is not a bad movie by any means, but I felt that it left some things to be desired after the performance of the first film.

The movie starts off with a child named Vito Andolini walking the funeral procession of his father, who was killed by Don Ciccio, the mafia ruler of Corleone. After one of Vito’s brother’s tries to seek revenge on Ciccio the Don fears that one day Vito may too try to rise up against him, so he wants to see the boy dead. Fortunately Vito manages to escape the small town in Sicily and makes his way to America, where he takes on the name of Vito Corleone.

From here the film begins to change between the past of Vito Corleone an the present day Michael Corleone. This was a cool feature of the film because it allowed us to not only see a young Vito, but also how Vito compared to Michael in terms of their relations with family and how each one of them ran the family business.

Vito was one that cared deeply for family and would never betray them. He also was a man of his word and would never forget a favor done for him. Michael, on the other hand, seemed much more ruthless, and in some cases dismissed or killed members of his family. Not only does he divorce from his wife but he ends up having his older brother killed, along with some others that he once called friends. This comparison also shows how Vito got the family started and on it’s feet, building an empire, whereas Michael, who never asked to be the Don, has been at the seat of a family in decline, and now at the end of the film is, for the most part, alone.

Unlike the first film though, this film was not as iconic in my opinion. Nothing too memorable that left a lasting impression on me like Part 1 did, like the build up to the scene where Michael kills Sollozzo and McClusky, or maybe it’s most famous scene, the one with the horse head in the bed. On top of that the ending of Part 2 was so abrupt that it left me a bit confused. A scene starts with a flashback to when Michael announces that he had enrolled in the Marines for World War II, which Sonny says would disappoint his father. Then it cross-fades into current Michael sitting outside his house, then to black, and the movie is over just like that.

Overall this movie was alright, not as good as the first movie. I personally wouldn’t call this one as much of a classic but rather more of an acquired taste. So if you really liked the first Godfather movie and want some more then I’d say give this one a watch.


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