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A Look Back at the Classics – The Godfather

When talking about classic movies, The Godfather felt like an offer that I could not refuse. It starts off kinda slow with the wedding scene at the start but quickly builds up afterward. Michael (Al Pacino), son of the Don Vito Corleone, just came back from the second World War in time for his sisters wedding. Unlike Michael the rest of his family is involved in organized crime, a business that Michael says he will not become involved with.

Unfortunately for the family, Vito Corleone is a man steeped in tradition, and during this time the other major crime families are talking about a change in business; narcotics are seen as the way of the future, but Corleone sees the trade as something that he will not become a part of. This causes tensions between the families and eventually members of the Corleone family start dropping, including an attempt on the Don’s life. At this Michael decides hat he should step in and do something, get some payback for what was done to his father.

I don’t want to say too much more about the plot in case you haven’t seen it yet, because this is a film that is best experienced with a fresh set of eyes.

As far as my thoughts on The Godfather? It’s a movie that, for the most part, lives up to the praise it receives. However while I don’t expect it to be an all out action fest, there are some parts that are a bit slow and make it feel long even for a three hour movie. Additionally some of the dialogue is hard to understand, so really my only regret is not being able to put on subtitles (at least where I watched it). But despite that the movie does an excellent job of building tension and gives us many iconic scenes and quotes. The Godfather is a definite must see film and a great classic.


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