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Chris’s Corner – The Lightning Thief

So, in my last post I briefly mentioned the Lightning Thief when talking about bad adaptations. So here is my rant on this ‘adaptation.

First of all, the movie hardly followed the book in the slightest, where shall my rant begin? Okay, first of all, the age of the characters is worth mentioning, they went from 12 in the book to 16 in the movie. Then there’s the matter that Annabeth’s character was completely destroyed, putting matters of appearance aside, they completely cut out all mention of her family life, something that was quite important for character development. Then they set her and percy up somewhat romantically when in the books nothing akin to romance happened until at least the 3rd book. They also completely removed the past between Annabeth and Luke, there was no connection between them whatsoever in the movie. Furthermore, they somewhat melded Clarisse and Annabeth into one in the movie (Since they didn’t even bother to put Clarisse into the movie). They also never really went into Annabeth’s arachnophobia, something that plays an important role in one of the later books in the series. What else did they mess up you ask? Well, they removed Ares and replaced him with Luke of all people, honestly I imagine a fight with a god rather than some little traitor would have made for a much more epic ending. Oh, and speaking of Luke, they destroyed his character development as well. They never give him a proper reason for hating the gods in the movie whereas in the book he has a legitimate reason. They also removed the flying shoes attempting to drag Percy into Tartarus so that they could have an ‘epic’ flying battle at the end of the movie. They also never really mention Thalia’s tree in the movie, you know, the tree that protects the camp’s borders and played a pivotal role in the purpose of the second book’s quest.

While I could go off for several pages about the terrible changes between the book and movie, I thought I’d just say some of the ones I hated most. As for the actors in the movie, some of them were surprisingly good (Outside the ages being wrong). Percy’s actor was pretty decent, Grover’s was pretty good, and Chiron fit pretty well. Hades and the other gods were pretty fitting for their roles. However, I will say that I disliked that Annabeth didn’t fit the description given to children of Athena in the book, though her actor wasn’t horrible. While I hate this movie for its terrible following of the book, I won’t completely destroy the actors since they did pretty decently with the travesty of a script they were given.

So, I’m sure you can guess what my rating for this movie is going to be huh? You’re right, this is the first book to movie adaptation I’ve reviewed that will fall into ‘The Absolutely Disgusting”. I saw this movie when it first came out, and I’ve heard the second is just as much a travesty as the first, perhaps I’ll watch it and tear it apart as well. Not worth a watch in my opinion if you care about the books at all, might be decent to somebody who has no knowledge of the books and thinks of it as a standalone.


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