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Chris’s Corner – Eragon

So… where do I start with this movie. I’m honestly not sure I can rightfully call this an adaptation, but here goes.

If I thought Lightning Thief was bad, imagine my horror at the Eragon movie. This movie does not follow the books at all, it is horrifying. First of all, they completely destroyed the early parts of the book. Eragon raising Saphira and naming her is completely cut out in favor of some ridiculous ‘insta-age’ scene. Uncle Garrow is almost removed completely as well. They also completely remove the night spent in the mountains after Eragon tries riding Saphira without a saddle and destroys his legs on her scales. And speaking of scales, do I even have to point out the inconsistency in the coloration of Saphira’s scales between the book and movie? You’re using CG to make a dragon, you can at least get the color right rather than making it some murky dull gray. On top of that, why did she have feathers? In what book did they read that she had feathers?

They also completely messed up the Ra’Zac, turning them into these horrible insect mummy creatures. Oh, and lets not forget that they killed them as well, they killed the creatures that were the driving force in Roran’s journey in the second book. They also destroyed the villager personalities. Horst in the movie gets very little elaboration, and Sloan of all people has to be tortured for information? Sloan is an evil person who sells them down river with no need for torture or anything, and then they also supposedly kill him as well, when he was a big character in the second book. And on the topic of important characters, Orik was completely removed. One of Eragon’s truest companions and friends, completely cut out from the first movie, as were the dwarves and the Star Sapphire. There’s also the final conflict with Durza and the long process of Eragon learning magic, which were both completely botched. And they completely destroyed Arya’s character and made her far different from the books.

Actor wise, the only character’s I found to be worth any value were Brom and Ajihad. Both of the actors chosen filled the roles pretty well despite the butchering of this movie. These two were probably the only real upsides to this movie. The Urgals were done wrong, Saphira was done wrong, Murtagh really wasn’t charming at all (more brooding and edgy looking honestly). In a sea of mediocrity those two actors stood out to me.

So, I’m sure you know what this will be. Correct, this goes into the ‘absolutely disgusting’ bin. If I had a category that was worse than absolutely disgusting it would be going in there. At least Lightning Thief was able to create a sequel somewhat based off the books (I’m sure that will be horrendous as well). Eragon left itself with nowhere to go and completely ran away from the book’s story. I hope one day this series gets the film debut it actually deserves.


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