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Chris’s Corner – The Two Towers

So, Lord of the Rings again did not disappoint.

Like its predecessor there were quite a few changes from the book. However, I will stress that for the most part the changes are positive ones. One of the biggest points to look at is action. The books honestly do not have much in the way of action, battles are not elaborated on much, and many events are simply discussed rather than described in the books. I’m a firm believer in show don’t tell. A scene will always make more of an impact when witnessed rather than being described by the participant. While some bits of action were pretty dumb I feel (Legolas riding a shield?), everything else was done quite well. In terms of story changes there are very few changes to the actual flow of the story. Positive changes I would point out would be Saruman getting a much more direct role, a present villain tends to seem more threatening than a villain who is rarely seen.

While not positive or negative, it is worth noting that the ending of the movie is different from the book (cut shorter), but this is not a very big issue given that the third movie starts with these scenes that were cut short. Two huge points I’d say the film makers did well would be the march of Saruman’s army and the funeral of Theodred. Both of these are additions by the filmmakers, and are done extremely well. The march of the army shows us the power of Saruman, and makes him all the more threatening. The funeral of Theodred shows the pain that Saruman and his armies have brought to Middle Earth. These scenes help to make Saruman a much more threatening figure than he was in the books.

The changes in this adaptation are the types of changes filmmakers SHOULD do. The filmmaker makes Tolkien’s work come to life, and the changes made by the producer serve to complement the story rather than taking away from or harming it.

As to the characters, again I say well done. I need not go over the actors from the last movie, as they are still great. Faramir was done well, though I will say that his character’s personality was far different from the books, though I am unsure whether I would say it negatively impacts the story rather than just taking away from his character. Again I will say that I found all of the actors to fit their roles well, and every actor did a great job in their performance.

I rate ‘The Two Towers’ to be a Good Adaptation. The majority of the changes benefit the story and create greater interest. Most importantly, the story follows the exact same path, with little deviation outside of minor details.


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