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Wonder Woman – The Trailer Review

Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, is the DC Extended Universes 4th film and is set to hit theaters on June 2nd, 2017. If you had asked me 9 months ago how I felt about its impending release, I would have raved for hours about how excited and optimistic I was to finally see Wonder Woman depicted on the big screen in all her glory. Unfortunately this isn’t nine months ago, this is today, and I am still recovering from all the times DC has outright burned me with their mediocre films.

That said, this trailer does genuinely grab me in every way a trailer should. It seems to capture the essence of Wonder Woman, and I loved the shot where she reaches for the sword concealed in the back of her dress. Iconic. The action alone makes this movie worth seeing and caught my attention more than anything else in the preview. Gal Gadot looks like she’ll deliver a solid performance as Diana Prince, and I’m never disappointed to see more of Chris Pine. Essentially, the film looks fantastic, but trailers can be misleading so I’ll be navigating the next couple of months with guarded optimism and will probably bring bacitracin to the theater opening night.

I hope the line “what I do is not up to you” was directed at the studio executives who are going to try and chop up this film into an incoherent mess, which is their favorite past time – apparently. They did it with Batman v Superman. They did it with Suicide Squad. I pray they see some sense before they do it again with Wonder Woman, but I doubt it.

Patty Jenkins: I just finished Wonder Woman.
The boys over at WB: Are you sure about that



At this point if the studio would listen to virtually anyone a lot of their problems – and my burn marks – would be non existent. Studio interference might not be the sole reason for the DCEU’s prior disappointments, but it certainly didn’t help. Hopefully Warner Brothers can break this cycle soon and start putting out some solid films, these characters – and the audiences, deserve it.


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