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Chris’s Corner – The Hunger Games

So, this post is a bit later than usual, but here is my opinion on the Hunger Games book to movie adaptation.

Overall, I would say differences between the book and movie are minor. The story flows relatively the same despite the differences, and there are quite a few changes that I like. The biggest change I like is the movie showing much more of the fabricated nature of the arena. In the movie we see the gamemaker’s going about some of their tasks,  as well as other ‘behind the scenes’ events from the book. This in my opinion gives the viewer much more information, and gives the viewer an even better idea of how twisted the Capitol is. On that note, I love how at the end of the movie the Capitol traps Crane in a room with a bowl of Nightlock, it is a far more twisted death than the implied hanging we hear about in book 2. We also see events such as the riot of District 11, which are only heard about later within the books. The viewer gets a lot more information than in the books, which works quite well in my opinion. By doing this the viewer is better informed about the world in which this movie is taking place. My biggest gripe with the movies lies mostly with the Muttations at the end of the movie, the dog creatures that kill Cato. The book description of them was much more horrifying, with it being immediately evident that they were monstrosities created using the dead tributes’ DNA. In the movie this point is glossed over, which I dislike, it would have been another perfect moment to show how twisted the Capitol is. Another issue I noted was the ‘love’ between Katniss and Peeta, they make much more of a deal about the love being fake in the books, and give nowhere near as much elaboration on this issue in the movie.

As for the actors, they did a great job. Katniss’s actor fit the role well, and did a great job of presenting her character (even though her character is somewhat of a blank slate type). Peeta’s and Haymitch’s actors were great choices as well. Peeta was excellent, and fit the character from the books almost perfectly. Haymitch was well done as well, and did an excellent job of portraying the perpetually drunk, but intelligent, character from the book. As for more minor characters I highly commend the actors for Cinna and Crane. The overall cast for this movie was wonderful, and the Capitol actors pulled off the goofy look of the Capitol citizens quite well.

I would put this movie in the Good category of adaptations. Most of the changes were beneficial to the movie, and the majority of characters that didn’t make it in were relatively minor ones. The thing that made this movie great however was the amazing cast.


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