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Brought to Life: The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

Oh, my childhood.

Watching the original episodes of Spongebob Squarepants was wonderful. There was just an incredibly funny, off-kilter feel to it that really differentiated it from any of its contemporaries. The fact that it still runs today is a testament to its greatness.

This movie, which came out after 3 seasons and about 5 years of television stardom, is an amalgamation of what was so great about Spongebob Squarepants at the time. The off-the-wall humor, the great comedic timing, and most importantly, the silliness and heart that appeals to both adults and children can be found in this film.

This movie (I think) takes place years after the actual series, as there is an opening of a second Krusty Krab restaurant. On the other hand, it could have just closed down considering a certain someone’s managerial skills. This is about Spongebob Squarepants, after failing to become a manager, having to prove that he is not a child under duress of saving his boss, Mr. Krabs, from certain death after the theft of King Neptune’s crown. I’d talk more about the story, but I’d prefer to keep this less spoiler-filled, and it’s just Spongebob going around having a good time.

Thinking about it, the fact that this film brushes on the concept of adulthood is fascinating. Spongebob is very much a child, looking at the world with bright, open-to-anything eyes. And, being a young adult myself, the reality can feel, well, real. Spongebob is a return to a sillier, imaginative, fun-loving time.

Is it wrong to still be a kid inside? No, according to the film. And I agree. A long time ago, I wrote that I thought that adults are children with more responsibilities, and I was surprised when my teacher read my notebook and agreed. I’ve continued to think about that over the years, and I kind of understand why she agreed. But who knows?

Anyway, you’re not here for philosophy, you’re here for a Spongebob review!

Truth be told, despite the 88-minute running time, a good 10 minutes are dedicated to the credits, and excluding the live-action bits, this is a 70 minute movie. As a result, it just feels like an extended episode of Spongebob Squarepants with better production quality. And, personally speaking, though I was surprised, I wasn’t disappointed. Despite being more of an extended episode, it still has that film-like feeling, and I still felt like I watched a feature-length film.

I was satisfied. This film was satisfying. It was F-U-N.


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