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Chris’s Corner – Catching Fire

So, like Hunger Games before it I found Catching Fire to be a good adaptation for the most part.

Plot-wise, the movie remains the same as the book, with very little deviation in the progression of events. One thing I noticed however was that the movie was changed in some ways to change the graphic nature of the events in the books. The fog is a good example, killing people in a much more horrible manner in the book via necrosis. However, in the movie it only causes swelling. While more true to the book, necrosis would’ve been far to much for a PG-13 movie, and as such I can understand why it was removed. Other such moments are in relation to graphic deaths via head-shot, Katniss does not witness the man from District 11 being shot in the head, though it is heavily implied. Given the audience the producer is trying to reach, it can be understood why they would alter the more gory moments, and this is quite forgivable as changes go. One thing I noticed was Peeta killing a tribute at the beginning of the games, whereas in the book the only one killed by Peeta is Brutus, who’s death at Peeta’s hands seems to be omitted in the movie. If there is any change I noticed that I disliked it would be the removal of the training that Haymitch gave Peeta and Katniss, as well as the showing of Haymitch’s Hunger Game. I dislike this because it takes quite a bit away from Haymitch, though we know he is smart we don’t get to see how intelligent Haymitch truly is due to the omitting of these scenes. Haymitch could have used the extra characterization that he would have gained from the training scenes.

As for actors, I found the new actors to fit the roles extremely well. One of my favorite characters from the book, Finnick Odair, was played perfectly by his actor. Other character actors I found particularly impressive were Beetee, Wiress, Brutus, and Johanna. The actors played the characters well, and none of their appearances seemed shockingly off. Personally I preferred the cast for this movie over the first Hunger Games, the actors in this one were much stronger in my opinion, and the other characters played a much larger role than the other characters from the Hunger Games. If there is any actor I would say was the best, I would say that the actor for President Snow was perfect. He was the strongest member of the cast in my opinion.

Like The Hunger Games before it, I rate Catching Fire as a good adaptation. The changes between the book and movie are minor and for the most part do not harm the story. Add to this a great cast of actors, and Catching Fire makes for an experience almost as great as the book.


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