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Video Games I’d Love to See As Animated Movies

It’s really no secret that in all honesty, movies based on video games just haven’t been that good (unfortunately, Ratchet & Clank included). Movies just seem to have a tough time transitioning a video game property into a truly fantastic work – whether it’s the loss of interactivity or something just goes wrong in the process, I just don’t know. It’s something we can talk about another time.

For now, though, there are a list of games that I would LOVE to see as animated movies. Disregarding the possible lack of success that these films might have, I base my decisions on the idea that these properties could indeed transfer successfully to film form, from both a narrative and entertainment perspective.

I’m not familiar enough with Hollywood to know what films have a better chance of actually becoming movies, but I’m separating my choices to films that could realistically be seen in theaters and films that can only be seen in my dreams (or perhaps as a short film one day please??).


Realistically Speaking:

Sonic the Hedgehog

– Actually, it seems like this is a reality as the former Deadpool 2 director is taking on the helm. Great news, right? Sonic is a great property to adapt, especially considering the success of the Sonic Boom TV show. Despite some of the poorer titles in Sonic’s line-up, he remains very well-known, and has endured the test of time over 25 years later.

Bad news is, it’s a live-action/CG hybrid. I’m very mixed on this, since I’ve had some bad experiences. Only time will tell, though. I’m hoping for the best. At least it’s not a straight-up live adaptation. That would be…oh, boy.


– Full disclosure – I haven’t really played a Halo game before. Sure, I’ve played a bit of the campaign from the first and third titles, and partaken in the fun multiplayer of multiple titles, I’m not very familiar with the story of Master Chief. I do have a roommate and cousin in love with the games, so I’ve never been that far away from it. And I’ve always been curious.

But everybody loves a good sci-fi film, and with the expansive and interesting universe that Halo seems to provide, I feel like this could be a rollicking action title that could introduce others to Halo as well. Considering the mini-series and CG shorts that Halo has had already, I feel like this could very well become a reality.


– Overwatch became the hit of the summer and had amazing success as a game. But Blizzard Entertainment did something very interesting with their new IP – they separated the overall story from the product. Despite some characters being bad guys and some characters being good guys – at the end of the day, you just pick whoever you want for your team and go fight against another team in some first-person action. The game makes references to the overall narrative Blizzard has constructed for this universe, but that’s about it.

Narratively, the real power lies within the shorts that Blizzard Entertainment have produced. Only a few minutes each, these shorts manage both to entertain us and introduce us to these fascinating characters and the world that they live in. And the best part is, from watching these shorts, you could very well imagine a film happening that DOES succeed as a video game movie because the video game itself has kept the cinematics mostly separate. It doesn’t have to imitate the games – if they’ve already succeeded with the shorts, why can’t a full-length feature succeed, too?

Seriously, I highly recommend watching the shorts. Here’s a list below:

Of the 6 shorts produced below, I heavily recommend starting with “Recall” or “Dragons”.



Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

– This is a very personal choice of mine, because I know it will probably never happen. I have spent over 90 hours exploring this game – this simple, yet deep game. This game that has been able to enthrall me over and over again. Despite the fact that I should probably stop, I have continually felt the need to keep going.

When you boil it down, the story of Dragon Quest VII is very simple. But it’s the stories within the story that really show this game’s true colors. I have so much more to say about this that I would love to talk about in a later post, but for now, I hope I have gotten my admiration for this game across.


Ratchet and Clank

– This is also a film that will probably never happen. The recent Ratchet and Clank movie was a failure from both a critical and commercial respect. Despite being made on an incredibly cheap $20 million budget, this only made $13 million back in the box office. I know $20 mil doesn’t sound cheap, but Illumination Entertainment, which made Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets, is lauded for making good movies for cheaper budgets at $60-70 million minimum. Not to mention its very negative review scores, this movie is a shame in all aspects.

I was incredibly disappointed from both an animation and narrative perspective, and I believe if this movie had been made by a better studio (Rainmaker Entertainment has made a litany of direct-to-DVD films, most notably MANY Barbie movies – not say that those are bad, but they’re evidence of the type of movie this studio produced before making this) it would have been so much better. So I really wish that someday this property gets another, BETTER shot at success.


That’s all I have for now. I’d love to make a part 2 to this sometime!


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