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Video Games I’d Love to See as Movies (Part 1)!

Assassin’s Creed comes out in less than a month, and in commemoration (and in the hopes that it will be the first great game-to-movie adaptation), I’d like to make a part 2 to the original “Video Games I’d Love to See as Animated Movies” post I made a while back, expanding from animated movies to any type of movie – CG, live action, etc.

Which, speaking of, you can find by clicking here!

So like before, here are movies that I feel could realistically become films, and films that would probably only happen in my imagination unless some sort of miracle occurred. I actually wrote a bit more than I expected, so I’m splitting this into two parts, with this part covering movies with realistic chances of being movies. So, let’s begin!

Realistically Speaking:

Metal Gear Solid – Metal Gear Solid, in the first place, is already a video game series that, in many ways, styles itself after film (this is pretty evident from the opening credits of each game, or even the ending credits of each story episode of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain). In fact, Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear, wanted to get into the film industry. However, he was swayed by the video game medium and decided to take his filmmaking experiences there. Konami’s not really into developing video games anymore, so maybe it can profit off of Metal Gear as a movie, instead of as a ridiculous zombie apocalypse game that they’re currently touting in Metal Gear Survive? I feel like Metal Gear Solid would be a great cinematic piece, and, more importantly, fun to watch – though hopefully Kojima would be on board on this (though probably not, since he’s left Konami under some pretty bad terms). The movie can be silly like Twin Snakes, but if you prefer something more serious, the other games do a better job of being less silly. Twin Snakes is well-known for it’s less realistic cutscenes, like this:

Portal – I’ve heard rumors of a Portal movie being directed by JJ Abrams (or perhaps confirmation), and I think that it would be a great idea. Some problems would probably be how, if they were truly adapting the game, to keep the puzzle-solving parts of the movie interesting enough. Otherwise, the primary plot would be excellent to adapt. I would have confidence in JJ Abrams as a filmmaker that this would be a great movie. I watched this great video on Youtube explaining why Mr. Abrams would be a great director for Portal:

Sleeping Dogs – The story of Sleeping Dogs is very much like that of a crime-thriller. If this were to be a movie, I feel like it’d be much like Infernal Affairs or Martin Scorcese’s The Departed, as both the movies and this game are about a cop going undercover in some sort of criminal group. Being that those movies are over a decade old at this point, it wouldn’t hurt to have a more modern take. What would differentiate Sleeping Dogs from these movies even more is the action-oriented slant that the game has, since the action and combat are quite fun, which I feel could translate well to the big screen. The original Sleeping Dogs’ was relatively popular. Unfortunately, United Front Games’ (Sleeping Dogs’ developer) closed down. However, it doesn’t seem like Square Enix is doing anything with the property, though Square Enix seems to have a bit of a penchant for making their own movies (like with Advent Children or Kingsglaive), so maybe this could happen?

See you in the next post!


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