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Chris’s Corner Special Cases – World War Z

So, in my last post I decided to talk about a good example of a special case. Here’s a bad example.

World War Z, a movie named after the famous book. But nothing like it. This is a similar case to Fantastic Beasts in some respects, in that the storyline of the movie doesn’t follow the book. However, the difference here lies in that while FB is loosely related to the books, outside of zombies World War Z shares relatively nothing with the book of the same name.

The biggest offense is the way by which the story is told.The thing that made the WWZ book unique was the method by which it presented the story. It presented its story as a series of memoirs, a series of people looking back on the zombie outbreak and their personal stories within it. It felt much like a documentary in some respects. However, the movie captured none of this feeling. The movie felt like the average zombie movie, focusing on a single protagonist and how he helps find a cure to end the zombie apocalypse. In this movie we see nothing of how the world changed, we only see how they try to save the old world. In the books the world after the outbreak was extremely different, even after the outbreak ended for the most part. You see none of this, they turned a unique concept into the average zombie movie.

I raise the issue that the movie focused to heavily on one man who accomplished something that never occurred in the book. If they had taken the story of one of the people within the book and adapted it to a movie, or had they created a unique story that fits the world of WWZ, it would have been much better. By presenting the story they did the movie was turned into a generic zombie outbreak movie, with a somewhat nice ending with not much changed in the long run. There is also the matter that the zombies themselves were completely changed, they changed from the slow moving horde to sprinters that could coordinate, this itself goes completely against what was presented in the books. There was very little that remained constant with the book.

In summary, the movie basically stole the name of the book and did nothing to appeal to readers of said book, having changed everything. This movie gets an absolutely disgusting on the adaptation scale due to not even being a proper adaptation. In my opinion, do not use the name of an extremely popular well known book for your movie’s title unless your movie relates to the book in some manner. By doing this you do a disservice to fans of the franchise.


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